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The Amazing Mr. X

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The Amazing Mr. X

Published 1948

1948 B thriller shot by renowned cinematographer John Alton, who was also involved with the following films already available on the archive: T-Men (1947), He walked by night (1948), Hollow triumph (aka The scar) (1948), The crooked way (1949), Reign of Terror (1949) and The big combo (1955).

IMDB page:

Two years after the accidental death of her husband, Christine Faber (Lynn Bari) is trying to put her life back together and move forward. However, strange events lead her to believe that her husband is attempting to communicate with her, so she proceeds to consult the psychic Alexis (Turhan Bey). This worries her sister and her fiance, who suspect Alexis of being a crook and decide to prove so.

This version (fetched from is brighter than the two versions already available on the archive, and does better justice to Alton's work. However, about a dozen seconds of the title scene are missing, so the nice piece of music that opens the film is truncated.

Producer Ben Stoloff
Production Company Samba Pictures
Audio/Visual sound, black and white
Language English


Reviewer: janetandtina - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 27, 2014
Subject: A selfish treat
The kind of movie you watch on a blustery evening with a cup of tea-this is the best i've seen turhan Bey in, he fit his part perfectly/ and Cathy Odonnell is so good at being starry eyed.
Reviewer: katperrr - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 11, 2013
Subject: Mr. X
For a rainy Monday night, it was entertaining.
Reviewer: Chez_When - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 9, 2013
Subject: Sexy Guy In A Turban
Misleading title. Sounded like SciFi. Glad I read the reviews. Noir at it's best. Well paced atmospheric story, interesting actors. Reminded me of Hitchcock film or the 60's Thriller TV series with Boris Karloff.
Reviewer: primsue - favoritefavorite - August 13, 2012
Subject: Not a Fan
I really like Cathy O'Donnel, she is so sweet, and she made this movie worth watching.The other characters,excluding Richard Carlson, were miscast. The main character seemed too old and there was no explanation as to why she missed her deceased husband so much. The psychic was very strange to me and I could not understand the way he mezmerized the "girls." There were a few interesting plot twists, but the movie was just okay for me.
Reviewer: I_loved_this movie! - - October 20, 2011
Subject: No need to ridicule other reviewers for genuine opnions of films
If you don't agree with someone's reaction to a movie, state your reasons why the movie deserves a different evaluation. The other person has as much right to express their genuine opinion of the movie as you do, and their contribution does us a service as well as yours, even if you don't agree with it, and even if we don't agree with it either.

It takes a great deal of work to design and produce, for instance, a car, any car. But I'm sure you don't hesitate to compare the relative merits of different makes of cars out of consideration of how much effort goes into making them. Same goes with any other commercial product, including movies.
Reviewer: Super YiaYia - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 20, 2011
As far as I am concerned, there are NO BAD MOVIES. I admire all involved in the making of movies.

Can you do better monsieur rick?
Those who can 'DO';
Those who can't 'CRITIQUE UNFAIRLY'.

As for a waste of time, I just "wasted my time" reading 'monsieur rick's' INANE REVIEW!!!

Go Torgman
Go Torgman

Just Saying....
Reviewer: torgman - - June 14, 2011
Subject: Good one, monsieur prick
Thanks for wasting bandwidth on your useless post.

This is what you'll get for unwarranted insults. Enjoy!
Reviewer: monsieur rick - favoritefavorite - June 11, 2011
Subject: What a waste of time.
This film started well but we are all left left with a vast huge empty sack. Psychic comes to comfort widow and in the end is the hero. If you like psychics and a bland wild finish, this one might do.
Reviewer: Vic Demise - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 13, 2011
Subject: Nice surprise...
Questionable ending- open to interpretation.
Good story. I would shop here again.
Reviewer: aefre - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 17, 2010
Subject: Music hath cahrms
This film is great fun. It features John Alton's moody cinematography and a lush, over-the top score by Alexander Laszlo, who, appropriately, was originally a concert pianist. Chopin's Prelude No 4 carries as much menace here as Dueling Banjos in Deliverance.
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